The Future of Supply Chain Transparency

November 8, 2018, 10:15 am-11:15 am

What does supply chain transparency look like over the next decade? When more than two billion people in the world own a smartphone, information production is increasingly democratized in real time. How should companies think about what information to collect and what to share about their supply chains? Investigate promising developments in accelerating supply chain transparency in ways that are more collaborative, less resource-intensive, and more decision-useful. Hear from funders catalyzing the new supply chain transparency landscape, NGOs partnering to make supply chain information open source, and companies implementing practical and impactful approaches.

Session Speakers

Photo of Ivanka Mamic

Ivanka Mamic

Senior Director, Responsible Sourcing

Photo of Kate Logan

Kate Logan

Green Choice Outreach Director

Photo of Leslie Johnston

Leslie Johnston

Executive Director
C&A Foundation

Photo of Jeremy Prepscius

Jeremy Prepscius

Vice President, Asia-Pacific

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