Preliminary Schedule of Events

Event schedule is subject to change. Please check back as our program continues to develop over the summer and fall.

Tuesday, November 6

7:30 am-6:00 pm

Conference Registration

9:00 am-5:00 pm

Offsite Events (to be announced)

1:30 pm-5:00 pm

BSR Member Forum

5:00 pm-6:45 pm

Welcome Reception

6:00 pm-9:00 pm

Opening Plenary Session and Dinner

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Wednesday, November 7

7:30 am-8:30 am


8:30 am-9:55 am

Plenary Session

9:55 am-10:30 am

Networking Break

10:30 am-12:00 pm

Breakout Sessions and Workshops

Climate-Related Financial Disclosures: Understanding the TCFD Recommendations


Everyone’s an Activist


Innovation through Gender-Centered Design Thinking


The Future of Retail: What to Expect, How to Prepare


The Good Jobs Toolkit

12:00 pm-2:30 pm

Lunch and Plenary Session

2:30 pm-3:00 pm

Networking Break

3:00 pm-4:00 pm

Breakout Sessions and Workshops

21st-Century Business Strategy


Climate’s Impact on Upstream Supply Chains


Demystifying Innovative Finance


Remedying Human Rights Abuses

4:15 pm-5:15 pm

Breakout Sessions and Workshops

Bold Business Commitments to a Just Transition


Responsible Sourcing for Economic Inclusion


The Human Rights Approach to Artificial Intelligence


Win, Win, Win: The Sustainable Supply Chain Finance Opportunity

5:45 pm

Networking Reception

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Thursday, November 8

7:30 am-8:30 am


8:30 am-9:45 am

Plenary Session

9:35 am-10:15 am

Networking Break

10:15 am-11:15 am

Breakout Sessions and Workshops

How to Become a Change Agent


Shareholder Resolutions: Investor Activism and Corporate Reactivism


Tapping into the Potential of the Longevity Economy


Techlash Beyond Tech


The Future of Supply Chain Transparency

11:30 am-12:30 pm

Breakout Sessions and Workshops

It’s Time to Take a Stand on Social Issues


Power Imbalances: What Have We Learned from #MeToo?


Upskilling Workers for the Age of Automation

12:30 pm-2:00 pm

Networking Lunch

2:00 pm-3:00 pm

Breakout Sessions and Workshops

Empowering Workers through Technology


Let’s Talk about Blockchain


Our Future Leaders: Engaging Millennials and Gen Z


Sustainability Reporting: What Your Audience Really Thinks

3:15 pm-5:30 pm

Plenary Session

5:30 pm

Closing Reception

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